Enhancing Quality Assurance Management in Jordanian Universities


  • Training on Internal Quality Assurance, Sapienza University of Rome, 11-12 June 2015

A 2-day training was held in Sapienza Rectorate building on 11 and 12 June 2014 on how Internal Quality Assurance was managed. The participants were exposed to the experience and procedures of Sapienza University in its internal quality and evaluation system through different aspects: study programmes, data analysis, management and transparency as well as through the exemple of one specific faculty and the international relations office. The italian national framework fro QA (AVA) developed by the italian Quality Assurance Agency – ANVUR – was also presented and how an AVA institutional visit was prepared and undertaken by Perugia University, which is not member of the EQuAM consortium. This gave an external approach and vision which enriched the debate and the following exchanges. Finally, Prof. Cristiano Violani (AVA Expert at Sapienza University), explained the site visits from the expert’s peer perspective. Ms. Anna Gover from the European University Association also attended this event and gave two presentations. The first one was on the new ESG and simplified QA criteria for joint programme, and the second one was related to a project led by the EUA on quality assurance in the Balkans. It brought the audience the possibility to explore the QA experience in this region and see the shared commonalities and differences in the implementation of such processes.


  • 2nd and 3rd Pilot Exercises

The 2nd and 3rd Pilot Exercises were held in Jordan on 24 February 2015 in Tafila Technical University, and on Thursday 26 February at Princess Sumaya University of Technology (Amman). The panel was composed by Prof. Cristiano Violani from Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), Tiia Tammaru from Tallin University of Technology (Estonia), Maria Kelo (ENQA, Belgium) and chaired by Zeineb Mazouz, University of Barcelona (Spain). On the Jordanian side, Prof. Mohammed Mismar, from Princess Sumaya University of Technology was part of the Tafila panel and Prof. Bashar Hammad for the PSUT panel. A set of different documents were prepared by the ANECA and were addressed, on one hand, to the panellists, and on another hand, to the attendees from both the Jordanian and Europena partners. A specific document was also sent to the students for them to be prepared for the piloting of the Guidelines. The pilot in Tafila gave the consortium the possibility to meet and interview the newly appointed Head of the Quality Assurance Bureau. The creation of a QA Bureau in Tafila is one of the conrete outcomes of the EQuAM project.


  • EQuAM in EQAF

The 9th European Quality Assurance Forum, co-organised by ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE, took place at the University of Barcelona, Spain, on 13-15 November 2014. Through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, the 2014 EQAF, entitled “Changing education–QA and the shift from teaching to learning”, combined practice-oriented or research-based discussions that took place in the paper sessions and workshops with presentations of current developments in quality assurance. A dedicated session to present the EQuAM first results and outcomes gave the project a unique opportunity for dissemination and experience sharing The European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) provides a unique platform for the higher education and quality assurance (QA) communities to monitor, shape and anticipate developments in the field. The main purpose of the Forum is to foster a dialogue on QA that bridges national boundaries and leads to a truly European discussion on QA in higher education, and to create a common European understanding of QA through discussions and networking among different stakeholder groups


  • Training Workshop in Madrid

Three-day training was organised by ANECA in Madrid for Jordanian Quality Assurance officials and managers on 23, 24, 25 June 2014. This first training consisted in a series of presentations on the Spanish case and, more specifically, on the relationship between universities and the Accreditation Agency.  Jordanian partners had the chance as well to present the last development of the EQuAM project and to discuss, together with the Higher Education Accreditation commission’s representative (HEAC), the lessons learnt from the ANECA experience and how to implement the EQuAM guidelines in Jordan. Please make sure to check the agenda and the presentations to find out more about this training.


  • Presentation of the Quality Assurance Guidelines

The Association of Arab Universities (AArU) hosted on 22 January 2014 the presentation of the Quality Assurance Guidelines to be implemented in Jordanian Universities. These guidelines were drafted by the experts from Yarmouk University, The Hashemite University, and the Princess Sumaya University with the support of the ANECA and all the other members of the consortium from both Jordan and Europe.


  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Jordan: State of the Art, Context and Next Developments

A two day meeting was held at the University al-Hussein Ibn Talal in Ma'an to study the current situation of Quality Assurance procedures and state of the art in Jordanian universities. Among the different presentations that were made, the first results of a survey carried out in severla Jordanian HE by the Hashemite university were presented.